Tuesday, 13 December 2016


With hot days I'm getting plenty of photos at the moment so I thought I would throw up another collection from Clovelly. 

As you may have noticed I have been a little obsessed with Sea Hare's at the moment, so I thought I would get those shots out of the way early.

As always the Blue Gropers were nice and inquisitive.

I even scored a selfie with one.
I tracked down a few White Ear's, it's worth watching out during mating season as they can get a bit nippy.

I got a great photo of a large Smooth Toadfish.

Silver Sweep were plentiful as always.

I love seeing Roundbelly Cowfish out and about. Even though I was almost directly behind him you can still see his eye watching me.

Neon Damselfish were everywhere too, I promise that one day I will get a closeup.

And of course schools of Mado.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Lil Bay Summer 2016

The weather was just perfect on the weekend and I couldn't resist going to one of my favourite spots for a swim. The water was clear and there was marine life everywhere I looked.

A cheeky Mado

A Common Stripey front on.
Common Stripey's and Blue Tipped Bullseye's
hiding under a rock.
Everywhere I go at the moment I am seeing Common Stingaree's.

I spotted this fella for the first time. Not too sure on the species, however it looks a lot like an Old Wife with a different shape. 

Red Morwong.
A few more Common Stripey's

This Neon Damsel was a great find too. 

With this level of  visibility everything looked good.

 I found this great Featherduster Coral, which shrank back into its shell as soon as I got too close.

 However, the real highlight were some great Sea Hare's I found having a snack.